The pleated bag element is designed with the aim to make the installation process easier.
Easy fit filter element – no tool! Top flange and bottom are molded in polyurethane while the filter. Pleated bag filter element can be delivered with all our high efficiency filter media. S. E. W. North Filtration’s pleated filter materials can optimize your air filtration.

S. E. W. North Filtration A/S can provide you with our many years’ experience in air filtration. Our experience is your quality and we are proud to guide you with our professional support when needed.

Clean Side Mounting

ø120 – 122

ø127 – 133

ø144 – 146

ø149 – 152

ø153 – 155

ø159 – 162

Dirty Side Mounting




Filter media

S.E.W. North Filtration A/S offers a variety of quality filter types, each of which can optimize your air filtration.

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