Filter media

S. E. W. North Filtration A/S offers a variety of quality filter types, each of which can optimize your air filtration. Our pleated filter materials can optimize your air filtration efficiency, by using pleated media VS numbers of pleats and pleat high. 

With our laboratory we can provide our customers with the needed documentation. Customers can also be provided with a test report of used filter media, if examination is required. With our high-tech and modern laboratorial equipment, we perform careful measurements and documenting of products. With State of the Art equipment and over 50 years of experience in filtration industry, we can guide our clients in air filtration on a professionel level.

Analyze of used filtermedia

 ✓ Air permability test

 ✓ Microscope photos

Test rapport

 ✓ Air permability test

 ✓ in house test before production

Photo documentation

 ✓ Microscope photos and measuring – zoom up to x1200




SEW 120


SEW 134

Polyester Bi-Co

SEW 140


SEW 141

PTFE coated

SEW 142


SEW 143

PTFE + antistatic

SEW 150


SEW 151 

PTFE coated

SEW 152


SEW 153

PTFE + antistatic

SEW 160

Polyester Bi-Co

SEW 161

PTFE Coated

SEW 162


SEW 163

PTFE + antistatic

SEW 190

Laminated membrane

SEW 191

Antistatic laminated

SEW 195

ePTFE membrane H14

SEW 198

ePTFE membrane

SEW 199

ePTFE antistatic

SEW 230


SEW 232


SEW 235

Cellulose flame retardent

SEW 240

Cellulose nano polyester

SEW 250

Polyester Bi-Co

SEW 252

Polyester alu Bi-Co

SEW 262

Polyester alu Bi-Co with NANO fiber